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LaFayette, Indiana

Hours of Operation
Monday–Friday, 10:00 a.m.–12:00 a.m.

Service Area
South Dakota

Past President of BBQ Association


There's BBQ...and Then There's PORKY'S

                                                                The Best Mobile Smoked BBQ Anywhere

Learn the difference between everyone else and PORKY'S, a mobile BBQ service offering the best smoked BBQ at state fairs around LaFayette, Indiana. We serve extremely tasty pit BBQ chicken, pork, and turkey with unique flavors you will love. Contact us for a sample of our smoked BBQ food.
Barbecue, Mobile BBQ in LaFayette, IN
Mobile Smoked BBQ

Savor the flavor of our unique smoked BBQ. All of our meats are smoked by us with hickory chips in Southern Pride™ BBQ pits, the number-one pit around. Once you have tried our seasoning, you will never be happy with anything else. We use the same rub on all our meats, except pulled pork. We serve fried items as well. Ask us about the following smoked BBQ products and sides:

   •  Pulled Pork
   •  Pork Chops
   •  Stuffed Baked Potatoes
   •  Turkey Legs
   •  Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
   •  BBQ Chicken
   •  Briskets
State Fairs

All over the country at state fairs, people are experiencing our delicious smoked BBQ food. We also make appearances at South Dakota bike rallies. If you are at the same state fairs we are, come on by our mobile BBQ pit for a taste of our meat!

About Us

Nancy Miller and her husband started out small and have grown into a large mobile BBQ concern. They had a deli and purchased a smoked BBQ pit. From there, they transitioned to building BBQ pits and doing a food booth at state fairs. Over the years, they ended up making more than with their day jobs and transitioned to full-time. Now, their kids have followed in their sticky footsteps and taken up their parents' tongs and sauce bottle.

Contact us at (877) 537-4844 in LaFayette, Indiana, to find out when our mobile BBQ stand will be at state fairs.